Bigot Hates Freedom - Epic Meltdown After Lack of Logic Exposed @ Coeur D'Alene, ID Reopen Rally


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Bigot Exposes His Ignorance And Has A Meltdown

April 19, 2020 there was a rally in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho to get Governor Little to lift his draconian stay at home orders. I showed up to support anybody and everybody wishing to express their views for a free society. For the record I don't think in a free society we need to ask permission to do things that aren't hurting anyone else, damaging or stealing anyone else's property or defrauding anyone else. I seem to be in the minority with that belief but like I said I'll support anyone at least expressing that is what they want. I can talk with them about not asking for it while there. While I was at the rally I was called racist by a bystander because he didn't like the shirts 2 of the attendee's were wearing. He didn't know anything about them other than what he had been told by google about people who wear those shirts. I decided to test his beliefs by putting them up against some simple logic. He kind of short circuited from it. What do you think? Please Upvote, Reblog and Follow!

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