NFTs Here to Stay


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Blockchain technology continues to demonstrate not only growth but disruption to established industries across economies. Some are still thinking about executing their strategies to combat it but others are embracing it to align with their future growth potential. I have been a collector of sports trading cards in the past; mostly when I was young. Therefore, the Company Topps has always been known to me.

A couple of years ago, I once again got interested in collectibles in the sport card side as I saw signs of some growing interest once again. That got me looking at the Collection I had stored in my closet for decades! Unfortunately, no gold mines were founds but I stayed closed to what was happening as I continued to see interest. As liquidity around the world expanded, many asset classes have continued to see inflows from investors looking to speculate and get some gains.

I recently got an email which demonstrates how these old and new technologies and interests have crossed paths and converge to new potential, the Non Fungible Token (NFT). While well off its euphoric rise when a NFT was sold for $69 million, they continue to be a cornerstone of interest across the Blockchain space. Not only has art been in focus, but now #play2earn games based on NFTs like Splinterlands and other collectibles have grown. Amazing to see but only demonstrates the potential in the sector once technology gets adopted and grow!

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