The Less Known/Talked About Reason For the Rise of Feminism


What are the usual reasons given for the rise of Feminism in the modern era? They include: education of women, women getting into the work force when the men left for World War 2 and the works of the pioneer feminists who fought and won the first victories for women (suffrage, legislative reform, etc).

These usual reasons are correct, these are some of the major reasons for the rise of Feminism. But there is one other major reason that is little known/talked about. And that reason simply is:

The Decline of the Relevance of Physical Strength

The major reason for patriarchy and the dominance of men in most human societies was due to the fact that males had more physical strength than women. Picture a small society of 5 males and 10 females millenniums ago, the most tedious activities that benefits the group could only be done by the males or at least the females couldn't do it half as good as the males.

Tedious activities like hunting, heavy lifting, protection from wild animals and other tribes. The men could do these way better than the women because of their superior physical strength. The fact that the men would be the ones handling these crucial things and the fact that they were the only ones who could do it/do it best you can only imagine that the males would be the most relevant ones in that small society of 5 males and 10 females.

The women would be given the smaller roles like house chores, preparing the food the men brought home, etc. This simple advantage of having more physical strength would lead to the men making the biggest decisions that would affect the pack.

After doing the heaviest stuff and only seeing men doing the heaviest stuff, the men won't come back from a bloody war and ask the women at home for their advice on how to proceed. They won't do this because the women can't be expected to know anything about the way forward, they were at home doing chores, they don't know what the battle was like so how much advice could they give?

The women would even be uninterested in those matters because they also know they can't know enough to give advices, unlike the men, so they'll leave it to the men and not even try to get involved. And, this, ladies and gentlemen is how patriarchy and the dominance of men got a hold of human societies.

And things would have remained like thus forever, but physical strength stopped being that important to humans.

Reasons For the Decline of Physical Strength's Relevance


Look around you, how often is the superior physical strength of a man required these days in comparison to the really old days? Let's examine these under two major changes the world has undergone: One: Making money. Two: laws, police and civilization.

Making Money

The world is such a long way from the days when survival depended on how much farming and hunting one can do. Farming required land and a woman needed a man to keep her land or else some other men can easily claim her land and/or farm produce. What was she going to do? Fight them?

Also, women couldn't hunt as much as men, how safe was it for a group of women in the bush all by themselves? They could be so easily overpowered by a smaller group of men. The same applies to fishing, women couldn't just move around alone.

But now farming, hunting and fishing are not all a person needs. In this technology paper money economy most if the population are not farming, hunting and fishing, they're doing all the other millions of things out there, getting money and buying food and other things they need.

Civilization, Laws, Police

Sit down, imagine and become speechless at how civilized man kind has become. I once lived in a compound where there were women who didn't have a man. I got broke and found it difficult to feed sometimes but I never bullied these women and took what they had even though I could easily do that due to my superior physical energy.

I also got really horny sometimes and I knew they might not accept to be with me so easily but I never raped any of them. The thought of doing these evil things to then never crossed my mind. 2,000 years ago do you think it would have been like this?

Imagine me in a small village with about 10 women who didn't have a man, and I'm hungry and horny. No police, no laws, just a small location where the word of what I do would not go far. Imagine how easily I would have made life miserable for those women.

[Not saying that's the kind if person I am, but making an example. Also how woke would I have been if I lived thousands of years ago?]

That's how it was back then. Without a man a woman could hardly do life. But how due to civilization, laws and the police, in most societies you don't need so much physical strength to get through life.

And That's Why Feminism Rose...


With these I've explained above you can now surely think of a million other examples of how physical energy has become less relevant now than in the past. The bottom line is that the advantage men had over women that put men on top is now of little relevance, it's natural that what follows is a fall from that top.

Women would ask for a change, men would ask for a change. The status quo can never continue like it did because the things that held it had waned. Enter Feminism.

The End

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