Trash-Sure Art

I was at the Gardens by the Bay earlier this month when I saw this art installation. It wasn’t there on my previous visit. So, I went to have a look to see what it was about.

It is a sculpture of a Sumatran tiger made out of waste/trash – odds and ends of plastic, rubber and metal.

The sculpture is a reminder that Earth is rapidly filling up with trash. If we don’t play our part in helping to reduce the waste, very soon, we won’t have a place to live – IF the climate change doesn’t get to us first. Taking care of the Earth is taking care of ourselves, and ensuring that our descendants can continue to have a place to live.

There is a plaque at the installation site informing the idea behind the sculpture, and an introduction to the artist Bordalo II. Here it is.

About the Sculpture
“Spanning 10m long and 7m tall, this iconic representation of the Sumatran tiger is made out of waste materials collected from all over Singapore. Created for Trash-Sure, a campaign that uses art to narrate sustainability, this sculpture is made in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and is inspired by Singapore's commitment to become a City of Green Possibilities.

“The installation is a reminder that Sumatran tigers are facing extinction due to our environmentally destructive habits. Our waste is choking up landfills and polluting our ecosystems. We must all do our part to save this critically endangered species and protect our fragile Earth. There is no Planet B.”

About the Artist
“Bordalo II is a world-renowned ‘artivist’ from Portugal. He creates stunning three-dimensional sculptures out of waste to remind us of our excessive and inconsiderate economic and social behaviours. Trash, the debris of our materialistic and over-consumeristic society, can be reduced, reused and recycled.”

More about the Trash-Sure Campaign 👉 HERE




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