An uneducated vulture



Once upon a time, two very beautiful vultures were presented to a king as a gift.
The vultures were so beautiful that the king liked them.
But vultures are young and have been kept as ornamental animals.
Some time later, the king summoned the best vulture trainers in the country to train his vultures to fly.
The vulture teacher trained them for many months, and one day he reported to the king.
One of the two vultures was able to fly beautifully in the sky and catch prey, but the other did not get up from the rest of the tree.
The bird teacher said he had never seen such a stubborn and difficult-to-learn vulture. The bird told the king that something could not be taught to leave the branch and that it could do something wrong.
So the king asked other scholars, I summoned all the Brahmins and ornithologists to teach this vulture to fly. After a while, only the teachers change, but the vulture never flies away from the resting place.
One day, when a farmer heard a vulture passing by the palace, he asked the king for permission to try it.
Disappointed, the king allowed the farmer to use various methods.
The next morning the king was amazed to see two vultures flying in the sky. So I called the farmer and asked him how he could make a vulture that could not be taught to fly:
The farmer said, "Your Majesty, my method is very simple.
"I cut down the vulture's usual tree branch."

That's it.
We were all born with the ability to fly to the heights.
But over time, that is likely to change. Occupation They are obsessed with society and do not try to change.
In this world, our possibilities are endless.
But we did not find the opportunity because we did not find it.
To achieve the highest level of success. If you want to get to the top of everything, you have to be content with what you have.
Get out of the comfort zone.
Take advantage of new opportunities.
Fly to the top.