Days Gone: Episode One.

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“Everyone I Ever Cared About Is Dead.” – Lisa


Its been more than 2 months that you last hear from me as I've been quite busy these days but I believe in the term that "Late is better than never" and yeah, I'm back.


And I'm back with a review of a fantastic zombie survival game.

DaysGone (12).png

Yeaaa it's Days Gone and you gamers must have known about this game if hasn't played.

Days Gone is a 2019 action-adventure video game developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after the start of a pandemic that turned a portion of humanity into vicious zombie-like creatures (called 'Freakers').

The best thing I've learned about this game is that World War Z, The Walking Dead (I'm still waiting for the final episodes) and Sons of Anarchy were the major source of inspiration for this game and I'm a big fan of World War Z and The Walking Dead although I haven't watched Sons of Anarchy. The world of this game looks like an inspiration from The Walking Dead and the zombies, they are not slow as we see zombies in The Walking Dead. The Zombies are taken from World War Z, it seems.

Being a zombie genre lover, I found this game very interesting and recently I've started playing this and I kept recorded the gameplays and took screenshots with the thought that I'd talk about this game in hive platform and now I'm doing that in the biggest gaming platform of hive which is hive gaming.


Now lets start talking about my beginning journeys of with this game. I'll talk about not one but three chapters includes the cinematic prologue of this game in this post.

Here's my gameplay that I published in my brand new YouTube channel.


In the background picture of the menu of this game shows a really nice bike that's probably the one I'll ride someday in this game and there is a wreckage police car there as well.

We have four options to interact with and they are new game, challenges, options and quit to desktop. After checking the options, I went for the new game to start witnessing the plot of this game and the challenges unlocks at certain points of playing.

Cinematic prologue

DaysGone (3).pngDaysGone (4).png

How the apocalypse began, it hasn't shown but the virus was spreading all over the city where our base characters were staying. There was Deacon, who is going to be my character to play the game with; Boozer, the only close buddy of Deacon; Sarah, girlfriend of Deacon and Sarah was badly hurt and needed emergency treatment.

DaysGone (5).pngDaysGone (6).png

Deacon and Boozer took Sarah to a rooftop where there was the last recruiting chopper. J. O'Brian, who is just a volunteer helping peoples taking orders and he was saying he can't take anymore on the chopper but Sarah would die for not getting treatment so Deacon threatened the volunteer and the volunteer said he could take only two persons.


Deacon helped Sarah to get onboard and then gave his ring to Sarah as he decided to stay back for Boozer as Boozer was injured as well and he was not gonna make it alone.


The chopper flew away and there were only Deacon and Boozer left there for dead although they didn't stay together to die, did they?

We'll make it quick

DaysGone (13).png

So it's two years later after that prologue happened.

DaysGone (14).png

DaysGone (15).png

The city looked devastated.

image.pngDaysGone (17).png

Two of out major character Deacon and Boozer were riding bikes in the devastated city.
DaysGone (18).png

They stopped at Pioneer Cemetery seeing an woman named Alvarez laid beside a statue and she was badly hurt.

image.pngDaysGone (20).png

When Boozer asked her what happened and who did this, Alvarez replied that it was Leon. And Leon was passing that place with a bike right at that moment.

DaysGone (22).pngDaysGone (23).png

Boozer and Deacon started following Leon by their bikes and I got control of Deacon and I started riding the bike myself. The speed of the bike was kind of slow which I didn't like but we could at last get near Leon.

DaysGone (24).png

And Leon started shooting at us so Boozer ane Deacon tried to use the bikes as their shields.

DaysGone (25).pngDaysGone (26).png

Then we started running on the wild in searching of Leon and I used the tracking skill of Deacon to understand where Leon would go.

DaysGone (28).pngDaysGone (29).png

Then we've found Leon near a camp and he started shooting us again and then he escaped after losing all his bullets.

DaysGone (30).pngDaysGone (31).png

After running for some times, we've found Leon when he was already injured by something and he was bleeding.

DaysGone (32).png

Then Deacon asked him why he did that to Alvarez but he didn't give a positive reply and then Deacon asked Leon about the whereabouts of a stash. And Deacon promised Leon that he'd make his dead quick if talks otherwise dead freaks would get to him soon.

Then Leon gave Deacon a map and said the location is in the old cemetery.

DaysGone (33).pngDaysGone (34).png

And as per promise, Deacon shot Leon to death.

I say we head north

After grabbing useful things from the camp on the way and crafting bandages, we went back to the bikes.

DaysGone (36).png

When we got to the bikes, Deacon has found out that Leon shot out his bikes fuel pump.

DaysGone (37).pngDaysGone (38).png

Boozer suggested they'd find parts and get back Deacons bike later but Deacon had better plan. He said they'd go to Crazy Willie's which is a motor parts store maybe. Thinking that, Deacon hid his bike by the road with some tree branches.

DaysGone (39).png

Then I get on the back seat of Boozers bike and he started riding towards Crazy Willie's.

DaysGone (40).png

And we've found a road blockade at a point and the road was blocked with some wrecked cars. So we stopped there to clear the road.

DaysGone (42).pngDaysGone (43).png

With the pushing vehicles options, we started pushing the cars to clear the road.

DaysGone (44).png

Suddenly some men came over and started beating us and we understood that they were the cause of this road blockage. Maybe they were trying to get what we had with us.

DaysGone (45).pngDaysGone (46).png

Both of us fought back and I kind of liked the fight there. And then we kept moving again.
DaysGone (47).png

After sometimes, we've found a tunnel that we had to go through. Deacon and Boozer seemed to now that the tunnel should be full of zombies.

Deacon got off from the bike and asked Boozer to lend his short gun so that Deacon can lead the way with a torch as the tunnel was dark inside.

Bad way to go out

DaysGone (48).png

I started walking through the tunnel with a torch and the shotgun in my hand while Boozer was following me by his bike.

DaysGone (50).pngDaysGone (51).png

DaysGone (52).png

This is the moment of this game when I first countered some zombies and they were so fast that it was not too easy to beat them. I shot down those zombies there.

DaysGone (54).pngimage.png

DaysGone (56).png

Then I've found more zombies and dead bodies on the way and I had to fight the zombies to stay alive.

DaysGone (59).pngDaysGone (60).png

And at last we got to the other side of the tunnel alive and we kept moving by the bike in order to get to Crazy Willie's.

DaysGone (61).pngDaysGone (63).png

Crazy Willie's seemed more dangerous than the tunnel as it was full of zombies.


There were little sized zombies on the terraces as well.


They were kind of eating themselves I guess as there were not live peoples.


As it was a place of chaos, Deacon and Boozer needed to have a plan to move with them. Boozer started riding his bike while the zombies started following him and Boozer took most of the zombies away so that he can do the search there to get a fuel pump for his bike.

And to be continued.

How do you like me narrating of the gameplay?
If you like it, feel free to like, comment & share. I will soon come with another post writing what happens next.


Looks gorgeous. I keep seeing posts about this game and every time I'm just amazed at how great it looks. Thought it might be just another bland zombie game but looks like a lot of thought and fun went into this. Great post and awesome screenshots :)


It's not like most of the zombie games.
It has a good storyline than just shooting zombies away. You should give it a try and thanks for the compliment.
By the way, I chose those screenshots from a bunch more and found them better to look at.


Great explained, i am waiting for next episode.


Thanks. I'll right and publish the next post probably tonight.


I am totally with @shortshots, this game looks phenomenal compared to most other zombie games. I find Dying Light to be super overrated and didn’t like how step down it was compared to E3 announcement.

This on the otherhand totally lives up to the expectations, I think I would play and start streaming this one soon!


I didn't try Dying Light and now that you said it's overrated, I won't try that either.
This days gone game is really lives up to expectations and the graphics is also good.


Welcome back man.
The thing is,,, I've tried playing the World War Z game and I think they did good but somehow I didn't like that game.
But this one looks epic.
The looks and the plot reminded me of The Walking Dead and I'm a big fan of that series as well.
And nice narration, btw. Keep up the good work.
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