Going against the narrative



When you are in the minority, it can often seem more trouble than it's worth to speak out against the popular narrative. The power of the mainstream media and it's propaganda machine is a formidable weapon that has the masses enthralled.

The propaganda starts early from the cartoons that we show to our children until the start school where the real indoctrination starts.

The importance of government controlled schools should not be underestimated. The aim is to fill the children's minds with nonsense and bewilderment at a time where they do not have the mental capacity to correctly evaluate the information received.

The main underlying theme for children in the schools is for them to be put into their places in society and obey and trust authority figures - at no time should they rely on their own senses.

As we have seen in the last 2 or so years, trying to communicate with someone who has been deeply indoctrinated in such a world view is difficult.



How do you know if something is objectively true?

There is a standard you can set for yourself. That is that if you verify the claim yourself by it being observable and repeatable by everyone, it is objectively true.

This used to be a standard in science before it became more of a religion.

Even though it is such a simple thing, trying to get a different opinion across will bring you face to face with the cinema scene from 1984.

The ego in these people is the dominant factor and they run purely on emotions. They do not realise that they are even a acting so crazy.

Is it a sign of mental illness?



When someone abandons their own senses in favour of an opinion fed to them, then you could argue yes.

The situation for those who may wish to free themselves is also not made easier by agent provocateurs or agents who try to confuse and bewilder those trying to get a sense of their own mind with propaganda and logical fallacies.

What does a logical fallacy look like?

This could be for an example an "appeal to concensus" fallacy where the argument goes, because the majority believe something to be true, it must be. And like in betting, the favourite horse or team doesn't always win is a well known fact, or we could all get rich at gambling.

Another popular fallacy used is the appeal to authority fallacy. This is where you shouldn't trust your own senses and need an expert to verify something for you. This however goes against the principle that any claim should be possible to be observed by anybody.

As a consequence of the above, we will often find that when communicating with people about any given subject, they will just repeat the indoctrination that they have been told from an early age,instead of being able to formulate their own opinion.

They will often try to "debate" with you over objective truths. Engaging in such time-wasting is not productive as the truth is the truth.

The final and more serious question is, if such a large majority of the population are so dependent on being told what to think and how they think, what is the best way to deal with this going forward.

Does it make sense to wake them from one indoctrination to replace with another?

What are your thoughts about going against the narrative and the propaganda used?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading