Time Mage - When and how to use it on the battlefield

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It's time for another share your battle post. This week we will be looking over the Time mage, I rarely use it since it is only great for some specific rulesets. I have to say that the artwork on this one is brilliant, top 5 in my opinion.

Overview and Scaling

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Abilities: Slow (-1 speed) and Rust (-2 armor)

Debuffing is the main value that this card brings to the battlefield while still being able to hit for a decent amount. It is also quite fast but lacks the health points so you better hide it somewhere in the middle of your roster.

The time mage has 3 key levels: LVL 3 where it gets +1 to attack, LVL 5 where it gets the rust ability and LVL 8 where it gets +1 to attack once again. If you're like me and want to be very financially effective when it comes to building up your collection I would upgrade it to level 3, 5, or 8 depending on your summoner level.

Best Rulesets

It isn't a versatile card but it is very strong when used under the right conditions.

Armored Up is a great ruleset for the time mage, your opponent will expect you to play mainly magic damage and focus on defending for it since he already has the free shield. By going with the time mage combined with melee and ranged damage you will probably catch him off guard and sweep an easy win.

Weak Magic and Little League are also good opportunities for your time mage to shine. The slow + rust abilities will leave the opponent's team unprotected and sluggish this way you can try to focus on speed and knock out 2 or 3 enemies before they can even hit you once. Very few players expect you to go full-on offensive mode, you don't need tanks if you can drop most of the damage dealers before they can even move.

Equal Opportunity and Broken Arrows can also be a good fit but your opponent is very likely to either play a card with reflect or quickly knock out your time mage with 1 hit since it has such low hp it would be an easy target.

The Strategy

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Battle Link
Mana cap: 26
Ruleset: Back to basics & little league

There isn't much strategy behind my lineup since back to basics is one of the most uninteresting rulesets.

The thinking behind it is always: Put something with high health points and some speed up front to tank, attack at least once, and if you're lucky dodge one or two attacks. Follow it up with magic damage to keep the party going once the melee tank gets knocked out, the last few spots for the ranged attackers.

The Battle

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 11.22.41.png

One round in and the win is imminent. Luckily for me, the opponent didn't realize this was a back to basic match and decided to play sneaky and opportunity cards on the backside of his lineup that are just sitting there doing nothing.

It was an easy win for me. I was hoping for a more exciting battle but I will take any free win that comes my way.

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 11.31.57.png

After writing this post I realized that I really need to get my Time mage to level 5. That Rust + Slow combination is great to quickly sweep low mana cap matches. Funny how I always gain some appreciation for the cards I write posts about. I can't get over how amazing the artwork on this card is, great job!


Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575

It's really amazing art on this card, thanks for sharing!