Share your battle - Using my legendary Dragon

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My season rewards were quite bad but they did include a Chaos legion pack. I was going to save it to open later but I couldn't resist and decided to pop it open and for the first time ever I got two legendary cards in one pack.

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Now that I have the Chaos Dragon on my arsenal it is time to take it to battle and participate in the weekly share your battle challenge.

Chaos Dragon

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This card is quite unique being the only 14 cost card in the game. You won't get to use it very often because most matches don't have that high mana cap required to bring this beast to the battlefield.
At level 1 it isn't that good of a card but once it reaches level 2 it becomes one of the most powerful monsters in the game, the scattershot ability combined with the blast ability allows it to hit 3 enemies every single turn if you're lucky to strike on the middle of the enemy lineup. On top of hitting 2 or 3 enemy monsters, it deals magic damage, meaning it will ignore the shield and go directly for their health points.

The Battle

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Ruleset: Equalizer
Manacap: 99
Battle Link

Whenever I see a 99 Manacap match I immediately go for the higher cost monsters, on top of that having the equalizer is the sherry on top to guarantee that they survive long enough to deal a ton of damage. I picked Daria as my summoner so that I could bring the Chaos Dragon along and take advantage of the +1 melee damage on the Goblin Mech and the Sandworm.

Round 1 didn't go well, my Ettin Spearmen fell after sticking only once. In hindsight, I should've protected my backline using the Naga Wizard with her shield and thorns. My Goblin also got hit by the enemy's retaliate ability.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 22.26.07.png

Round 2 was also very unlucky, I lost the speed draw and my mech fell before it could deliver another blow. The Chaos Dragon attacked the least useful enemy it could. Things aren't looking good.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 22.35.27.png

Round 3 and my Sand Worm finally knocks out the Lava Launcher and from then on my Naga just kept tanking the sniping and sneaky attacks while the rest of my team wipped them out one by one.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 22.42.34.png

Naga Fire Wizard was the absolute MVP for this fight, it was able to absorb and deal a ton of damage. I should have placed her in the last position but it worked out either way.
Chaos Dragon was unlucky on this match since the scattershot ability made him go for the wrong enemy way too often. He was still a valuable member of the team holding the frontline for the last 2 rounds.