Sha-vi sneak and cripple strategy

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It's time to share a battle using the Silent Sha-Vi! This is one of my favorite cards from chaos legion, I love playing a team mostly focused around sneak damage and this thing is a beast. One of the cards I've been using the most in this season since I'm constantly getting the death splinter daily focus.

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The best summoner for Sha-vi is Daria dragon scale in my opinion since it can boost its attack, making it a serious menace for the enemy backline.

Sha-vi is a pretty well-rounded card, it has a good attack stat, great speed, and decent health. Making it a viable option to hold the frontline for a while after knocking down some of the enemy damage dealers.
The Cripple ability is great for dealing with healing back lane monsters and also has the added benefit of damaging the enemy at least 1 health point even if it is protected by armor.

Best Rulesets

As I said before this card is very balanced making it a good fit for almost every ruleset. Reverse speed is the only instance where you really shouldn't use it, the high speed will make you miss a lot of hits for sure.

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Ruleset: Spreading Fury, Odd ones out.
Mana Cap: 22
Battle Link

I have a lot of games with Sha-vi but I found this one interesting enough to share with you. My opponent saw that I usually play a lot of sneaky attackers and decided to go with a level 1 summoner with the thorns ability and I almost lost versus a level 1 team with my maxed out team for a level 5 summoner!

I was very lucky in the first round with how my 3 ways to speed tie worked out. First, the assassin took out the backline, followed by Sha-vi which hit the shield and crippled the enemy Uraeus down to 1 hit point so that my elven could finish it off in one blow. Minimizing as much as possible the thorns damage on my team. After that my Uraeus managed to poison its target giving me another 2 damage without having to take more thorns damage.

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In the second round, two of my sneaky attackers were knocked out because of thorns damage, and I was left with 3 low-health monsters with a massive attack stat because the debuff was gone and they were all enraged from the thorns damage.

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I ended up winning the battle but not with that big of a margin. Considering I'm playing versus a level one I should have won the battle in two rounds and with no casualties. This goes to show how powerful a good strategy can be, especially if you study your enemy.

Respect for this legendary level one summoner. If he had a Furious chicken at the back this would be a pretty close match.

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