My crypto earnings week 37 - China spreading the panic yet again


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The crypto markets are a mess right now. Seems like the FUD will never stop and we just have to roll with the punches. China doesn't get enough of trying to destroy crypto and I think that there's another bomb coming once we blow past this hiccup. The next attack vector will be the e-waste generated from mining crypto, old hardware.

I identified my main sources of income when it comes to crypto and divided them into different categories:

  • Faucets / Crypto casinos.
  • Hive, Leo, and all the other writing-related tokens.
  • Splinterlands.
  • DeFi (Cub and Autofarm) & CeFi (Celsius and

Faucets: $19,30

My faucet rewards keep going lower and lower due to the price depreciation and some lack of effort from me to get new referrals.

Hive: $40,98

It was not a bad week in terms of writing rewards but still a long way from my objective. Can't wait for winter to begin so that I can focus more on improving my writing.

  • Hive: $23,31
  • HBD: $10,57
  • LEO: $4,14
  • POB: $1,49
  • SPT: $1,21
  • CTP: $0,26

Play to earn total: $159,86

Axie Infinity is a little disappointing at the moment and needs a rework on its economics before it is too late. The price of SLP keeps slipping,
I really enjoy the game and I wish the developers save the game.

Splinterlands: $137,96
  • DEC: $26,97
  • SPS Airdrop: $97,02
  • SPS Staking: $13,97
Axie: $21,91

DeFi & CeFi: $43,97

Cub is migrating all of their old farms to V2 so that we can finally start the next IDO!
I also found out that has a DeFi wallet on their blockchain where it is possible to stake CRO, so I'm finally putting my cashback rewards to good use! Another cashflow generating app

Total: $264,11

September is usually a bad month for the stock/crypto markets. I took the chance to grab some more BTC and ETH at cheap prices and might grab a little more if the panic continues.
I'm confident that October will be green and there's still a strong possibility for a moonshot before the end of the year!

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