Deeplurker the opportunistic truck


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It's time for another share your battle challenge from @splinterlands! These posts are great to spread awareness about the news cards and what strategies work best for each of them. Improving my Splinterlands skills and getting paid for it, what more can we ask for?


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The water splinter summoners are mainly focused on magic monsters but it also includes a bunch of powerful melee cards. Playing Daria Dragon scale with her +1 to melee damage on the water splinter is a very powerful combination.
The Deeplurker hits like a truck and on top of that, it has the opportunity ability that makes it target the lowest health enemy. It is great to knock out mid and backline enemies that can't handle getting damaged by a 3 or 4 hit.

Best rulesets: Fog of War, Unprotected, Even Stevens, Explosive Weaponry, Up Close and Personal.

Lots of players don't realize that you can still play opportunity monsters on Fog of War and build teams focused only on having a strong frontline that's when your Deeplurker can go to town on the weak support and damaging dealers on the back and middle.
The biggest counter to the Deeplurker is shield since it forces you to use an extra turn to knock out an enemy card, using it on the Unprotected ruleset guarantees that he will be delivering killing blows left and right.

The Battle

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Ruleset: Earthquake and Holy Protection
Manacap: 29
Battle link

I hate earthquake matchups because there are two possible tactics: Use flying monsters and stall out the match while the earthquake weakens your enemies or you can go all out and try to end the match as quickly as possible.

I went with the blast them quickly approach with some extra shield to make sure the earthquake doesn't kill my team too quickly.
FROZEN SOLDIER + CRUSTACEAN KING + RULER OF THE SEAS is one of the greatest combos on the water splinter. You have a frontline that can shield a ton of physical damage, it has low health and can be quickly killed by magic damage but because of the Silence ability and the tank healing ability, this thing is able to stay alive for longer while reflecting the magic attacks.

Lurker and Pelacor Bandit were the cleanup crew, I was hoping for Pelacor to remove the holy protection since she is a speedy sneaker and the lurker to finish the job with his brutal 4 melee attack.

After assembling my main strategy I had 2 mana left to use so I threw the flying Ice Pixie in there to help with the front line and possibly tank or dodge some opportunity attacks the enemy might throw at me.

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I love the beginning of the season high DEC rewards, it really motivates me to grind as much as possible. Mainly to go back to the diamond III daily quest rewards but the added DEC along the way is also useful.

Goodbye for now, see you on the battlefield!


Dam these battles are always more intense in the higher leagues, great battle