Chaos Knight the giant killer

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Chaos knight Review

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The Chaos Knight is a decent front line but its low health makes it very fragile when playing versus magic cards, plus her speed is quite low so she might drop before dealing a single blow. That being said there are a couple of rulesets and mana caps where this card can shine. The giant killer ability is unique, there are only 17 cards that cost 10+ mana but if you're facing a high-ranking opponent on a high mana cap match you will probably face one, and usually, they are front liners so the Chaos knight will strike with double the damage.

Best rulesets: Lost Magic, Up Close and Personal, Super Sneak.

When you know the adversary won't be able to play any magic cards you should consider bringing her into the battlefield and add some healing or shield to help sustain her while you're other team members blow through the enemy. Using her in super sneak isn't the best option since having a backline with thorns would be better but if you think the opponent will play 10+ mana cards she could shift the tide of the game.

Best combo: Any card that can help her hold the front line for longer, either by healing or shielding it.

My Battle

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Ruleset: Silenced Summoners and Lost Magic
Manacap: 46
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I have my Chaos Knight 2 levels below my summoner cap but once I saw that the ruleset was lost magic on a high mana cap match I knew I had to bring her in! I was thrilled to see a 10+ mana on the opponent's side but it breaks my heart to say that she fell before she had the chance to strike it. I don't have her high level enough to have the ability yet but it would be cool to see her strike a giant.

My strategy for this game was to bring two melee sneak attackers because I knew that the front line wasn't going to last that long so I didn't want a useless ranged card tanking after the front line gets knocked out.
I brought evangelist to inspire my 3 melee attackers with her +1 attack while dealing 4 damage for each strike herself.
Venary Crystalsmith was there for sustainability and it was able to keep my front liners alive long enough for the damage dealers to do their job.
Last but not least is the Silvershield Sheriff, this card hits like a truck and on top of that, it has the sniper and piercing. This thing can drop almost every monster in just two strikes.

Even though the Chaos Knight didn't slash that giant in half she was still the MVP because she tanked 15 damage like a champ.


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It was a good win against an adversary that had his cards around the same level as I did. I will gladly take the 29 DEC from this win and buy some more copies of Chaos Knight to take her to level 6 as soon as possible. Always great to participate in these @splinterlands challenges to deepen my knowledge and strategies behind some cards that I don't use that often!