Make a Minnow #06 Winner Announcement Post

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Welcome back to the Make a Minnow Round #06

This is the winner announcement post!

a little late we know! sorry!

This initiative awards a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators by giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their effort! Giving our minnows increased curation influence benefits the entire Hive ecosystem and should be considered a great honor.

As established on the nomination post The top five nominees who meet the rules, ranked by nominations, were considered by the MSP Make a Minnow Founders. The Founders decided the winner from the nominees in a private ranked choice vote.

We are happy today to announce the winner for round #06! of our contest on the Hive blockchain.

#DRUMROLL! Here are the final results!

The winner is @josuemonterola who will be awarded:

Congratulations to Marybellrg and thank you, @eturnerx, @theycallmedan and @minnowsupport for making this possible!

Thank you all for participating! We will be posting some new news on upcoming changes to Make a Minnow soon so stay tuned!

With love,
@victoriabsb, @angelica7


Congratulations to @josuemonterola. I'm sure he will curate a lot of valuable content present in our hive. Thanks to the @msp-makeaminnow team for this initiative that allows more hivers to have growth and give curated input to many valuable users present creating content on our platform. Good luck and succeses!



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