Upland ep. 1: Adventuring on nft-based MetaVerse

Are you into NFT-based games?

I'm aware of blockchain-based games since hearing about Splinterlands back in SteemFest 3, in Krakow. However, as an ignorant hobo traveler, I never gave much attention to the opportunity. Many moons have past, several games popped up, NFTs mooned and came back to earth. When talking about blockchain-based projects, opportunities are plenty for those who are not afraid to explore — or not too dumb to understand the intricacies of a new tech, like myself.

Here's me scratching my head to figure out how to pay the monthly bills when a good friend calls. "Have you heard of Upland?" I hadn't. He continues, explaining how it works and et cetera and I quickly jump to the conclusion that it has zero fundamentals. He insists, says it's a long term way to make some extra cash. I doubt. He shouts. I cede and decide to take a look. After all, if I can't buy property in real life, better buy in a virtual one.


I could write a unique intro for the game, but le slow-brained me is unable to explain it well-enough, so I'll provide a link and comment the first paragraph. {turns on skepticism}.

What is Upland.Me? Virtual Property NFT Game in the Blockchain Metaverse 20 February 2021

"Upland.Me, a virtual property metaverse that offers true ownership of NFT property parcels mapped to real addresses, recently partnered with a company called Tilia Pay to pave the way for what the team is calling a truly digital economy."

I don't now how NFTs work legally, but the true ownership aspect makes me wonder: Am I gonna have a weird internet folk come to my door claiming he bought my house? I hope not. Anyways.

With so much questioning bugging my brain, I decide to avoid overthinking and try to concentrate on the primary objective: buy, sell, and accumulate property. This kind of game brings memories of my childhood days playing Railroad Tycoon, which is exciting.


I first used my friend's referral to avoid becoming an in-game hobo. (No, hobos do not actually exist in Upland, but starting zeroed means you can't buy anything.) His referral granted me 4500 UPX (in-game money that's worth 4,5 USD -- 1000 upx is fixed as 1 usd). {Aweee}. Off to the game I go.

If you decide to become a real state baron like myself, make sure to use my referral: https://r.upland.me/suo2

Screenshot from 2022-08-05 15-07-50.png

The game offers several cities as a starting point (more are coming each month, I believe). Being a clever fella, I picked the cheapest above Detroit. What the fuck happened to Detroit? It looks abandonned. Nashville that is, the country music capital. I'd seen several strategy videos, so my decision seemed wise.

Making mistakes

As soon as I stepped in Nashville, I discovered my impressive 4500 UPX wouldn't make me a real estate lord. That was my first mistake. Had I gone to Detroit I'd be able to afford 3 cheap beginner properties. Problem, however, is selling those properties later on for a small profit, as nobody's willing to buy cheap properties in a ghost city. Night comes and I have to go to sleep (in real life), so I left my avatar (called block explorer) in Nashville.

Here's where I'm at (yesterday night): In Nashville, with 4500 UPX, and wondering how I'm gonna multiply my money without throwing real-life USD to make life easier.

Should I throw some money? Should I wait for cheap properties? Should I move?

Since this post is not yet up-to-date, you'll have to wait for the next update to discover. (Soon!) What I can say is that I almost doubled my money today. xDD

Until the next update



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