The system will swallow Bitcoin

Before starting this post — although obvious when writing on a crypto-oriented platform —, I'd like to say: Take your crypto (Bitcoin) off the exchanges. Do it before it's too late. With this out of the way, let's go to today's Bitcoin ramble.


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The system, or whoever controls the monopoly of currency, knows Bitcoin is a wild uncontrollable beast. They should understand by now that Bitcoin empowers and shifts the individual from the State power grab. This claim is particularly true when we go back in history (circa 1913) and realize the absolute theft the creation of the Federal Reserve and the following acts represent. See Federal Reserve Act. However, the total control of the monetary system — and the usurpation of the individual's sovereignty — only fully materialized in 1933. See Executive Order 6101.

They've got our gold; now they want our Bitcoin

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I won't go into the conceptual facets of money nor expand philosophically on the importance of individuals sovereignty, mostly because I need to expand my line of thought on the later. In a few words I'd say: your freedom partially depends on decentralized money (be it metals or digital).

Why have I devoted time for such a long introduction?

Because the president of the United States, Joe Biden, signed an executive order on Wednesday directing the federal government to come up with a plan to regulate cryptocurrencies, recognizing their popularity and potential to destabilize traditional finance. Source: NY Times

Excuses are many and always fallacious: illicit use, ability to circumvent sanctions, risks of scams, environmental concern. The cause is never the cause but a fear of losing control over you. The system can't use the State apparatus to confiscate your Bitcoin unless they use brute force (which would trigger revolt), so they need to swallow Bitcoin into the system. Once your Bitcoin is moving freely into the banking system through regulations, they'll slowly take it from your hands.


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History repeats

We'll see a Bitcoin confiscation just as performed with gold in the 30's. All for your financial well-being. Then, the mafia will give you a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in exchange for sound Bitcoin.

Don't believe me?

All 39 members of Virginia's Senate green-lit a bill amendment focused on the custody of digital assets by the banks.

Banks in Virginia will soon have the option to provide cryptocurrency custody services, after the state's Senate unanimously voted last week to approve a bill amendment focused on the custody of digital assets.The Street

Banks will convince Bitcoiners that they have the best custody services, with generous interest, without any risks (because Banks are backed by the FED). This is the first step into creating fractional reserves of Bitcoin while taking the real asset of your hands. Once the public gets comfortable with this new way of storing Bitcoin, the mafia will work with the government to pass new acts prohibiting general public from self-storing Bitcoin (there will be an excuse for this). When you least expect, the only coin in your possession will be the government CBDC, with no way back to Bitcoin.

It might as well be a giant conspiracy theory, but, the farther we see into the past the more we are able to foresee the future. The State apparatus, bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, and anyone else associated cannot keep their status if the individuals stop financing them. Bitcoin is a stone along the way.

I'll let the reader draw the conclusions and instigate a debate.

Obs.: If I suddenly disappear it wasn't me. And I'm not having suicidal thoughts -- if you know what I mean.


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