Planting Rice


(video is mine)

The video will show you how rice will be planted. No worries if you don't understand me talking because I will state through writings in this post what I said in that video.


Like the other plants or fruits, planting rice needs to grow its seedlings first. Just 2 weeks ago I shared what we did growing rice seedlings. Now, what I'm going to share with you amazing people is the time of planting rice.


The seedlings were planted in one of the rice fields of course. I've been thinking about the reasons why should not be planted right away in the rice fields. I think I understand now the reasons and that is to make sure the rice to plant is growing already. This is like an assurance that the rice will grow instead of waiting for it to grow by planting the grains of rice immediately.


Now, there are 3 assigned duties if you want to hire a laborer or plant it with yours.

The seedlings remover or this is the one who is in charge of getting off the seedlings from the rice fields.

The seedlings collector or this is the one who collects the seedlings and ties them. This should be done so that in planting rice there will be no delay.

The seedlings planter or this is the one who will plant the rice.



The image above is the person who was removing the seedlings. You can always see them just sitting and grouping the seedlings but will not be tied. Every laborer is helping one another so the job will be easier and faster.



When the seedlings will be removed, this guy in the image above will collect the seedlings. To add more information, this person was cutting the seedlings that had longer roots. This way it will be easier to plant and it has a high possibility that it will grow well. He was tying it so that giving it to the person who will plant the rice will be easier. You will find out how fast they were planting in my video anyway.


The person who will plant the seedlings will just wait for the seedlings to arrive. Before waiting, the person will use a #diy piece of wood to draw a line in the rice fields. The line will be drawn to serve as the guide to the person who will plant well. The rice should be arranged in planting of course so if they grow it will not cross the branches or fruits.

From watching the video and watching it in person it looks very easy to do but I'm telling you it's not easy. It will hurt your hips when you are not used to it. Just imagine you will keep on bending from planting. Also, the wide area of rice fields will not be occupied immediately. There's that hot sun as well that will ruin your body to have more sweat and will make you dehydrated. However, planting rice is fun because it's not done with only one person but with a group of people who are sharing conversations.

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Makamingaw sie anha sa basakan uie.
Sauna uban uban jud ko nila mama ug paoa ana mag tanom. Oero mahadlok ko mutamak kay naa man gud daghan linta hihu.pero subra ka presko ug humot ang hangin sa basakan.


We do this at every first cropping of the year since rain water is abundant. The rice seedlings need to hold on to the mud tightly, so it wouldn't be washed away by the waters easily. Then, on the next crop where rain water is less, we can just sow the seeds. I'm not sure if this method is done anywhere but this is what we do in our place.