Be Beautiful like Flowers


Flowers reminded us how life is beautiful. Each one of them has its own characteristics of beauty. Just like human beings, there's no need to compare oneself to another. Some might be blinded by jealousy or insecurities. Though if thyself consider beautiful people will see one. It's not about the color of the skin, the shape of faces. It's a matter of being someone's personality that people will realize how beautiful that someone is.


Never underestimate yourself just because the mirror tells you the truth for your perception. Beauty is not being measured and can not be seen easily. Don't push yourself to fall or don't think of yourself at the bottom. You have something that others don't have. Something only you can have which might be desperate to others to have. You have that kind of life and that alone should be thankful for.


Why are you sad just because you're not like others? What makes you jealous when the beauty of the flowers will not soon be recognized. It takes time before it blooms, be patient for the time to come. Each one of us has its own although no one can tell when. As long as you value yourself and love yourself. You will shine like a star in the darkest night.


If there are people who don't see you like one, ignore them. If some people think you're not special since each one of us is special, leave them. Just like the beauty of a flower that doesn't need others to stand out in its presence. No matter what, beauty is beauty and not a single word can change that.


Stand proud. Be confident to show yourself. Nothing to be embarrassed about as long as you understand that you don't need them. Their words are nothing if you're sure of your own existence.

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This is such a beautiful post brother. I had to switch from my Curation account, so I could reply to you! The reason being? Let me show you...


This is the Community created by our dear @dswigle... I don't think I have introduced you? If I have, then I sure do apologize! But with these gorgeous photos, I just had to share! Besides her community, you could also use the #alwaysaflower TAG. In the end, it's all about community!!

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Hey brother... keep sharing these wonderful, and positive posts!! Hope you have a great weekend!


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Thanks, brother, Denise told me about that but I just forgot. I know there's a tag with that but I was surprised that there is a certain community as well.

Anyway, thanks for swinging by brother. I appreciate the words, it lifted me up.

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