Sleeptember report


September passed pretty quickly but this was not just any ordinary September - this was Sleeptember! Of course I was already familiar with the likes of Movember and Dry July, but Sleeptember? Sleeptember is an annual campaign run by the Sleep Council in the UK to promote the importance of sleep and healthy sleeping habits.

mrshill suggested we create our own Sleeptember challenge - set boundaries for device usage on an evening through September. We agreed on an 8pm devices down time. The expected benefits from completing this challenge were numerous - tackling my own self-diagnosed device addiction, getting to sleep quicker, sleeping sounder, resulting in having more energy throughout the day.

I was a little apprehensive starting off this challenge, but once we got started on September 1, I felt an immediate sense of empowerment. It felt great to shut myself off from the outside world at 8pm. The practicalities were simple - just switch my phone on to Airplane mode. Our usual weeknight bedtime is around 9pm, so once I settled down in bed most nights I read a few pages of my book. I found that pretty quickly my eyelids started to feel heavy - something that didn’t really happen whilst scrolling through endless social feeds on my phone in bed. Another surprise was that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much. Whatever there was to see on twitter, reddit, discord, hive, etc would still be there in the morning.

Overall, Sleeptember exceeded my expectations. I will try to keep up the 8pm devices down routine indefinitely.

Bedtime reading - my current read, ‘Bruny’.