Why You Should Not Fight All Fights.


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There is always a cost for doing or not doing something. For every action an individual takes, there must be a corresponding reaction. Hence, while you have yourself to consider between taking an action or holding back, any result that comes our of your action or inaction becomes your responsibility.


August 2017 came with a lot of memories. I add the opportunities to get justice for a wrong accusation but I decided to let go. I found a replica of my phone with some guy at the ATM point in a bank. When I spoke to him about the phone being mine, he snapped. I had sincerely approached him like a gentleman but with the level of his shout, he attracted other people on the queue.

At first, I was so embarrassed but I was so sure that the phone bonded to me. The Mark under the lower mouth microphone of the phone, though tiny us still very evident.

Unknowingly, a secret service officer was also in the queue. He took both of us aside and questioned us. Fortunately enough, where I bought the phone about four months earlier was just opposite the bank. So, we went there in company of the security agent.

At the gadget office, the invoice was checked and eight there was an entry of the phone I bought with the serial number that matches the phone in question.

The next thing of importance that was asked from the young man was where he bought the phone. Unfortunately, it wasn't from any gadget shop but another individual he could not trace.

Before I knew it, the secret service agent picked him up like a criminal and straight to police station we went. This small issue had become something unprecedented. If you know how the Nigerian police would react to such a case, then you know what I am talking about.

The case was to be charged to court. That's how serious it was but I decided to settle out of court. I only got my phone back from the poor guy who had become very vulnerable as a result.

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|Monday, 20th September, 2021.|

On an official assignment at the states secretariat, Ministry of the Environment, guess who I met. The same guy whom I had issues with over a stolen phone in August, 2017.

Samuel as got to know his name later, helped me with all the processing I needed to two for a week under two hours. I just had ro seat in his office while he did the running around for me.

Yes, you may be right over a fight. Sometimes, you could just let sleeping dog lie. I am glad I did.