Toria's Adventures of The Mind (Back To School)

Max Fischer

Before the eight week holiday ended, Toria had started feeling indifferent about returning to school. She hated her school because of the bullies that never get cautioned after every report made to the authorities. She thought that some of the teachers are biased as to who gets punished or not.

Toria, tomorrow we will go shopping for your provisions against your resumption in a few weeks.

Mrs. Ben whispered from the kitchen as she mixed the flour and yeast to make some doughnuts.

Ok, mummy. But that is not necessary. My provisions are not always meant for me.

Toria had started contemplating not resuming at Tower Spring College. But how to table the matter before her parents us what she had not figured out.

Her mother, Mrs. Ben noticed that Toria was not herself since she came back from school for the long vacation, she had waited for her to break the news of the sudden change but it wouldn't. Now that she had made a statement close to her mother's intentions, she would just ask her what it was.

Toria, come to my room.

She stood from the couch and matched behind her mother into her room. There she told her all fears and how she wasn't coping well at Towers Spring.

Alright then. You won't be going back there. I'd rather enrol you close to the house where you can always find your confidence.

This singular act made Toria to be overjoyous. She briskly went to her room and began to arrange her clothes and removed every item that has a nomenclature of Tower Spring from her luggage.

The next morning, mother and child went to the Bridge Academy, a mixed day school where she got enrolled and was happy to be among children from her community.

In a short while, Toria forgot all the troubles she faced at Tower Spring. She felt so good to be back to a new school and to have new friends. All these have helped her to study and score good grades.