Sacrifice of Obedience: Pob-WOTW S3 Challenge(A Token of Sacrifice)


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In the valley of Beracha where gold laid en mass,
A young handsome prince came that way seeking whom to bless,
A gentle child of a royal but poor priest,
Jumped off the hive at a fragile speed,
Who accepted with love the ointment cup,
Covered his face in shyness and love,
Running to his brother on the wind.

Shouting! he never could phantom why a noble could be kind,
For he was not wired with strength this firm,
Big enough to stand a creeping snail,
Slow and steady moving towards the goal,
To spurning admiration and haughty words.

Looking with pride to strangers of the mind,
Who came to sow a seed of discord,
Tearing brothers apart with disquieted trust,
The soothing breast of their mother gone sour,
Mother whose harsh abuse only wish for the good,
That they may learn and earn with one heart,
Undivided yet loving.

What do we say then,
Has the noble come to reap in another man's farm?
Far be it for noble are not crooked,
Sooner the noble approached with a smile,
Calling out on his friend in the woods,
At the valley of Beracha where they met,
And stretch a hand of gold gifts,
And shyly he appeared from the roof petrified.

C'mon my friend at the valley,
The prince called out to him at his shyness,
Malicious things don't go far these days,
Hold my hands let me lead you through,
If you wish to stay back I won't let you still,
For what a noble wants he gets,
This is my token of sacrifice to mankind.

Would you rather concede to me,
A leader worth following with zeal,
So I can purge you of frailty cooked up from birth,
And set you among princes of the seven kingdoms,
Like Daniel for he was excellent on spirit,
Proof that his brain 🧠 was sharper,
Then the whole satraps were put together.

Purple is the raiment of the wealth,
I hate to see you on rags,
I picked out of love and not pity,
To commune with the noblest of men,
So, stay with my Ajara,
That we may watch the stars grow into the moon,
And the moon into the sun.

As they cross to the other side city,
Spreading the message of love and unity,
The sacrifice of obedience and not fat of rams,
The poor boy said to the noble in truth and soberness of heart,
I won't play the role of a betrayal,
This is my pledge to you and I seal it with your gift of gold,
I pledge to remain a disciple of the truth now and always.

They wondered in their thoughts how brother Judas did it,
Selling his master so cheaply with a kiss,
After dining with Him in a dim-lit table where bread was shared,
As in their eyes, tears begin to gather it was shaken off,
The master had to go and prepare a place,
Where you and I will inherit,
Only if we keep our sacrifice of obedience pure.


This is a very good one from you mate and this content as really explain the importance of being obiedence too


It is what it is bruv. Obedience is the key to being faithful in all our sacrifices or followership or discipleship.


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I loved the subtle inclusion of biblical facts/phrases.
Your words are beautiful.

Found your post via @dreemport


An interesting poem full of biblical context and references. Well written. I cam to your post via @dreemport


You just reminded me about the story of how jesus was betrayed with a kiss by Judas... Indeed, he was the token of sacrifice used to save us all from our sins.

Great use of words in this piece..

@dreemport directed me to your post


I am glad you liked it. @dreemport is doing amazing stuffs on the hive blockchain


Indeed, @dreemport has made it very easy for most of us to see different author posts on the platform. All thanks to them