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Author: @rodqui95

In the earth (2021) review


As for the visual effects, a bit of stroboscopic images and kaleidoscope effects were abused, as well as excessive lighting and violent flashes that could trigger epilepsy in some viewer, all this to simulate what it feels like to be drugged, this time by spores that they release certain mushrooms in the forest of their own free will. At first it's cool, but then it made me dizzy because I was trying to figure out what I could hide and not lose any of the plot to try to make sense of it, which I never did.


Author: @cami.rojas

3 recommendations to watch on Netflix


Uno de los servicios de streaming que más me gusta es Netflix, de hecho es un servicio que constantemente estoy pendiente de pagar. La verdad no soy mucho de verlo todo el día pero si cuando tengo un chance libre, la mayoría de las veces es en las noches e intuitivamente siempre me voy por películas y no series, así que pensé en darles estas 3 recomendaciones que se encuentran en Netflix.



Ozark and its high-tension finale


One of the great successes of these first seven episodes is that the strength and intensity, with respect to the third season were not lost, on the contrary we see how chapter after chapter the tension of which I speak in the title of the publication is increasing to a point that as a viewer the truth is that we feel it and that feeling of sinking into our chairs or sofas by the expectation is something very real and that is very present.



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