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Author: @nathyortiz

Anne with an E || Netflix series


In particular this story is very nice, the protagonists are ideal for the roles and the environmental setting is who most draws my attention as it takes place in time of other centuries, Anne was a super gifted girl who used her survival mechanisms: intelligence, problem solving skills and imagination. Throughout the filming the series becomes an addiction because it is so cute that it provokes to watch non-stop, a girl with enough personal growth boom that has ANNE, her life at the end of account was what she wanted, to have a family, a love and friends, plus she could also get the family name and be part of its members, the brothers could finally give her the love she deserved and they the company they expected.


Author: @ikeror

Encanto and the complexity of intrafamily relationships


For me, a key point in this film is the scene of the song "Surface Pressure" about Luisa's character, where the viewer is shown the kind of problems that will be faced in the plot, as well as the way we will begin to discover the interior of the members of this family. Luisa's song is, from my perspective, one of the best songs composed for this film, as it perfectly reflects the burden its performer bears, as well as allowing us to really visualize the world and her family from her perspective.


Author: @cami.rojas

Series and Movies I Want to Watch in 2022


Since I have Netflix I feel that there are thousands of things to watch, even my list was full of things that I have gradually been removing, including Lucifer, this series I have heard and many people have recommended it to me but it intimidates me because it has 6 seasons, which total 93 chapters. When it was recommended to me I remember that I looked for it and it caught my attention, since it is a mystery; and it is about Lucifer, evidently a fallen angel who fed up with hell goes to earth, specifically in Los Angeles, where he begins to work as a homicide detective.



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