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Author: @dedicatedguy

Hawkeye (5/10) - low effort action scenes designed to milk the marvel cinematic universe


This type of production from Marvel isn't worth watching, I even doubt die-hard fans of this character can find this enjoyable. There is nothing good about it, there is no important story being developed, action scenes are incredibly bad, and poor dialogue is all over the place. This is the best example of Marvel beginning to overmilk the huge popularity of its characters. Of the 4 Marvel series released on Disney, the only one that was really cool and worth watching was Loki.


Author: @belkisrondonp

The Undoing - Can the one you love become your undoing?


From the beginning you want to unravel this mystery that focuses on the Frasers, I think the series succeeds in catching you. With each chapter I was watching, I was also formulating a hypothesis about what was going on and why; and this made me want more and more until I discovered the truth.


Author: @joheredia21

Video Reseña: La casa de las Profundidades

A couple of vloggers will go into the adventure of filming in a submerged house in a lake in France, this house keeps a dark and terrifying mystery inside its walls, the couple must find a way to reach the surface before the oxygen in their tanks runs out.



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I'm happy, thank you, this motivates me to keep posting in the community, sharing what I like. 😃😍