Tripe Soup

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Hello, today I want to share a nutritious, collagen-rich soup recipe. If you need a collagen supplement, you can try this soup.

Three cleaned lamb tripe, one veal foot, cleaned and sliced, lamb tripe is cut into small pieces and cooked in a pressure cooker for 35 minutes together with the veal foot.

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Crushed garlic is mixed with grape vinegar, we add it while drinking the soup, it makes the soup more delicious. A tablespoon of flour is diluted with the juice of half a lemon and water. This mixture slightly increases the consistency of the soup.

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After the soup is cooked in a pressure cooker, the veal foot is separated.

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The collagen tissue on the bone is cut into small pieces and added to the soup.Flour mixture is added and the soup is boiled in the pot for 20 minutes. While the soup is being served, add a mixture of vinegar and garlic and sprinkle with red pepper.

Enjoy your meal😊
Photos belong to me.