Meeting in the desert

Who is hiding behind the visible? Who rebuilt the destroyed tower? Is it really lost, the one called lost. What attracts the mouse to the mousetrap? Be careful, Is the price of entering through the gate of the fairytale city, being a slave? If you're brave enough to walk over the swamp, first find the safe paths that are hidden. (BC 395)
While the day was slowly giving way to night, the camel and its rider, which were advancing on the hot sands of the desert, were on their way to the oasis where they were to stay. The man's name was Kan. Kan was dressed in white clothes to protect himself from the sun and sand, only his large black eyes, which were drawn with kohl, were seemed. There was such a sharp look in his eyes that it making you feel like he would see all your thoughts and leave you defenseless and weak. The ruthlessness behind his sharp gaze was remind you to be cautious as you approach him. As the stars slowly revealed themselves, he reached the oasis where the meeting would take place. While thinking he would be the first person to come to the oasis, he realized he was wrong. The oasis was not empty, by the water's edge a man was sitting by the fire eating dinner. Kan surprised when see the man at the oasis, the guide had come before everyone else. He got off his camel and he hurried to him, bowed respectfully. What brought you here before anyone else, dear guide, he asked. The guide invited him to dinner by the fire. Kan brought his camel to the spring to drink, then left it to eat, sat across from the guide, and looked at him with questioning eyes. The old man was very happy, his eyes were smiling. You couldn't always see him so cheerful. “What did the sons and daughter do?” he asked.
Kan laughed, he was said that the sons did what was expected of them. The father was angry, but there was nothing he could do. He also knows, except for two sons, the others will not be as he wishes. As for the girl, she had already chosen her mother's path rather than her father's, which made it easier for her to fit in with us. I gave her a male and female guardian from my group and sent her to the west coast of the fallen empire. They will open up new areas of power for us in the new lands where they will settle. OK, said the guide; send another group to the west coast to speed up the clan's settlement in that area. The lands of the fallen empire are good to take root, in the following years, we gradually will spread inland.
There was a moment of silence, then the guiding gazed into Kan's eyes and said in a low voice, "You're the next guiding after me, Kan," he said. This unexpected word caused Kan, who said he was ready for anything, to drop his mouth wide open. He only asked, how. The master whom we served, with whom our first ancestor agreed, has chosen you. he said. Master will choose you in guide choice, after me, and wanted me to tell you. Also asked you to go and settle in a new settlement with your entire group. Where you will settle is an important place and will always be important in the future. The eastern side of the collapsed empire, its main city, we can call it the key city. This city is the nodal point of east and west. Traders and people come from many places to this city. You make connections, you get people to work for you.
The speech ended with the voices of other groups coming to the oasis to join the meeting. The guide ended his speech by saying that will talk about other details later.
During the night, the other members came one by one. The meeting was held and the decisions were made. As the sun rose above the horizon, everyone left the oasis, knowing the place and time of the next meeting.
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