Mallow and spinach with olive oil

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Hello, today I will share with you the recipe of a dish I made with spinach and mallow.

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I picked mallow from the garden, set aside the freshest sprouts for cooking. I bought the spinach from the market and reserved some of its leaves to make spinach pastry. I used the roots of the spinach and the leaves that I left in a small amount while making this dish. Onion, a pinch of rice, olive oil and some salt.

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Mallow is a little hard to cook, so I boiled it in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes.The easiest way to cook and soften the fibers of mallow is to boil it in a pressure cooker.

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Fry the onion in olive oil.

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Add the spinach and half a cup of water.

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When the spinach is half cooked, add the boiled mallow and then the rice.

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When the rice is cooked, add some salt. Food is ready now. It will be even more delicious if you add yogurt with garlic , hot red pepper in melted butter while serving the dish.
Enjoy your meal 😋😋
Photos belong to me.