Benefit of using Liquid/dissolved fertilizer in rice field.


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Different kind of fertilizer exist that we often times use to increase the yield of our farm products.
The three major component of fertilizer target at in order to be add to growing crops is Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium.
Hence you find the commonest fertilizer here termed NPK the short form of these element.


Fertilizer application differs from the application of lime or other calcium and magnesium salts including limestone.
Liming is done on acidic soils to neutralize the excess acid in the soil for proper plant growth.

NPK has often been sold in its powder form in which we pick a measured quantity and spread evenly in the farm.
This type of fertilizer takes about two weeks to dissolve in soil when spread on damp soil while it takes lesser time to dissolve in rice field because of the swamp and water logged capacity of the loamy-clay soil where rice is been planted.

On the third week of application we begin to observe and watch out for the positive effects of the work of the NPK on the plants.
Changes from leaf color that becomes more dark green and others.


But this time we were able to get liquid fertilizers which producing companies have been able to modify in order to increase the rate of assimilation of this fertilizer.


The benefit of using this liquid fertilizer is that this shortens the time fertilizers need to dissolve in water before plants assimilate them.

Most times fertilizer do not dissolve within a reasonable time depending on the quantity of water available in the swamp and perhaps the dampness of the soil in the case of topland rice farming.
Top land rice is a specie of rice that does not require too much water or to remain in the swamp before it produces



A measured quantity of the fertilizer is mixed with water as describe by the manufacturer and sprayed using this water tank.

A portion of our rice farm has produce quite alot already and we are waiting for harvest while another portion still needs fertilizer application.

These two rice rice weren't planted at the same time hence we have one growing and had produce more faster than the late rice.



There is abundant of rainfall even up till October so we are rest assured that both the early and late rice will do well and produce abundant harvest.