Bubble Tea Recommendations ☕



Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. How was your weekends? I got some more boba / bubble tea in the weekends with my friend. I bought the "fresh milk dirtea" from gong cha. On their site they wrote this for this specific tea flavour, "Popular all over the world! Fragrant Black tea is infused with sweet brown sugar and Q-ball brown sugar pearls, then topped with a sweet milk cap and Oreo pieces. Simply delicious!"

Gong cha is my favourite boba store! - there's a great customization of drinks and a variety of quality choices. This tea I got consists of brown sugar, black tea, milk foam, boba pearls and oreo pieces. It's my all time favourite boba flavour. The combination tastes like heaven 😍 It's actually one of Gong cha's best sellers which makes complete sense. I got the large size this time because I felt like it. Only downside was the price 😆

My friend got the caramel bubble tea with black tea. For her toppings she got boba pearls. This flavour I feel like is underrated. Not many people order caramel but it's so good as well! I prefer it with milk foam instead of pearls, but texture is always nice in the tea too. Next time I get boba I'm planning to try a fruit flavour. 😋 They're always nice and refreshing.

Overall I definitely recommend these boba flavours! The brown sugar one is a great start as it's the classic boba drink flavour. If you like caramel, go for the caramel milk tea! You won't regret it 🙃

🌸 🌸 ~ Thanks for viewing!! ~ 🌸 🌸