Many Activities You Can Do Around Our Residence


Good afternoon all....

Some people are doing activities in front of their house. As a fish farmer, the land here is filled with fish ponds. Today there is a request for fish seeds to Naga Raya Regency in Aceh province. The number of requests is about 10,000 tilapia seeds. So some workers have to prepare packing bags to fill the seeds.

This land is located in the Gayo Highlands, this land belongs to the Central Aceh district government as a freshwater fish nursery. Some of those who work here are provided with houses to live in, and are also given other facilities by the relevant agencies.

Every time someone wants to buy fish, the workers have to prepare a plastic bag to put the fish in and then give oxygen into it so that the fish don't die in it.

the process of tying the corners of the plastic that serves so that the fish do not get caught in it.

After the tie is done, then the water is filled into the plastic bag as we can see in the picture above.

If the fish has been filled into the plastic bag, then oxygen is given according to the distance that the fish will carry. For one bag, we fill 300 fish With a size of 3-5 cm. For a water to oxygen ratio of 1 to 2, one part for water and two parts for oxygen.

The house is in the location of the fish hatchery complex. A There are several houses that are given to employees' residences

the land in the fish nursery,here a lot of pool land or land that is still empty so this place is very suitable for us to develop to improve the community's economy. The types of biotan that are here to be developed are tilapia, carp, and catfish. but the fastest growing in this place is tilapia because the location has a cold temperature and tilapia is also still able to survive in a slightly cold place.

in the morning and evening, do the feeding for the fish. if for the seeds added once again during the day. sometimes someone asks why the smaller seeds are fed more compared to parent The reason I can say is that the fry of the fish empty the stomach faster than the parent. that's why we increase the amount of feeding on fish fry.

This is the atmosphere where we live and this is what the people who live here can do. I hope that this article can be useful for all of us And also to other people. Thank you to all community members who have supported me, I wrote this article in Indonesian and then I translated it into English with the help of Google Translate. See you in my next post.