Fungsi Friday || Three Types of Mushrooms In Early June, Orange Mushrooms, Panaeolus cyanescens mushroom, And the Pluteus Mushroom

Hello Mushroom hunter friends, How are you today, and hopefully today we are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

For Mushrooms this Friday and this is my contribution #FungiFriday hosted by @ewkaw

Friday 2 June 2023, I want to display pictures of mushrooms again with all my friends. Today is the first Friday in June 2023, I am very happy to still be able to display pictures of mushrooms that I have found in several places. As we know, Friday is a special day for us mushroom lovers because every Friday we always display beautiful pictures of different types of mushrooms. I myself am also like that, always looking for existing mushrooms and if I see beautiful mushrooms, of course I will capture pictures of these mushrooms.

Mushrooms are one of the plants that grow during the rainy season because these plants live in damp places, such as in damp soil or in damp and weathered wood. On this earth, of course, there are quite a lot of types of mushroom plants and in my opinion, each type that exists in mushrooms certainly has extraordinary beauties.

So for today I have prepared three very interesting types of mushrooms that I have found in three different places. Of every mushroom that I found, of course it has extraordinary beauty and beauty and I really like the mushrooms that I have prepared. All right, friends, let's see the results of the mushroom photography that I got.

The first is the orange mushroom. Many people in the area where I live call this mushroom the orange mushroom and there are also some people who call it the lingzhi mushroom. So the reason why many people call this mushroom the name orange mushroom is because of its color, and as we know, people sometimes don't want to find the original name of the mushroom, they only see it from the color, so they immediately call it an orange mushroom. I found this mushroom in a small wood and this mushroom stuck firmly to the wood, the first time I saw this mushroom I also quite liked it because for me this mushroom has a pretty good color and looks quite bright. I took the wood to get a clear look at the mushroom and at that moment I took a picture of the mushroom.

Then the second is the type of mushroom Panaeolus cyanescens, and many people call this fungifriday the cow dung mushroom. This mushroom grows in cow dung and usually in the area where I live I often find this mushroom. If there is cow dung that is dry and has a high level of humidity, of course this fungus likes to grow in that place. This is also one type of mushroom that cannot be consumed because it contains a lot of poison. This mushroom is shaped like a veil and under the veil also has fibers that are pretty good for us to see.

Then the third I also set up a picture of the Pluteus mushroom. This mushroom is also quite beautiful because it has a circle on the top and under the circle it also has very visible and quite nice fibers. This mushroom grows in very fertile soil. I also don't know whether this type of fungus is the same as the type of fungus above that grows on animal waste. But if we look at it in terms of size, of course this mushroom is bigger than the mushroom above and the fibers are also more visible on the part.

All right, all friends, those are the pictures of the mushrooms that I can show you on this happy Friday and hopefully all of you can like the pictures of the mushrooms that I have prepared. Thank you to all my friends who have encouraged me on this occasion and see you later in my next post.

Note, the words I write in this article are in Indonesian, which I wrote first in the notes section of my smartphone application and to translate into English I use Google's help.

Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia


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