Nigeria like a diamond in the mines



Your riches are diamonds veiled in dirt.
To date, we owe the dead a debt,
to dare to dig, dib, and twig,
and not to rig, rip, and swig,
the treasure of a nation, they stationed,
to function as a giant
of a continent far from eminent.

Yet you're a diamond,
just that you're still in the mines.

You're mine.
Even though you've been mined, mined and maimed,
I'm still mindful and too careful,
to not be hateful and vengeful,
but hopeful,
that someday, fate will be kind,
to I and my kind, or just my kind
who have your good in mind.

We'll possess the might,
to ascend to the hills of Aso
and heal the ills of ASUU.
We'll end the strikes and strike the rends,
threatening to end us and rend us,
like a cheap fabric
When we're nothing synthetic

Our field is so magnetic,
though we want to depart,
we can't help but long to be a part,
of a nation, vast and classed

You're a diamond, just that you're still in the mine.

You're my only home.
So, I hope,
that someday we'll have leaders,
that will lead us,
and not rulers that will rule us and wound us,
as if we're the enemies
who just met their nemesis.

unity and faith, peace and progress,
will not only be a motto we chant,
but a motor that drives,
our entire existence into a land of peaceful coexistence.

Happy independence to my great nation


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