Weekly post by @mituoshizhe - 13 Nov 2022

Hive as we all know is a chain that is built based on the principle of abundance.

Hive tokens get minted and distributed to participants on the blockchain as rewards for posting and curating activities.

The best part of it all is that the allocated percentage for upvotes are restored after a while.

This mechanism, grounded in abundance, is amazing and is almost perfectly suited for spreading happiness.

Currently, each upvote from this account is valued at 0.018 Hive per 100% upvote through a powered up value of 1,119.763 HP.

Since the inception of this account a year ago, it has yield 11.8% from the initial 1000.99 HIVE investment.

Definitely a lost in absolute terms if we count in terms of fiat value, given that Hive has tanked from its price a year ago.

But since this account is not about profiteering in the worldly sense, but to document Buddhist thoughts that can alleviate suffering, the tanking of Hive didn't matter a bit.

Even if only one reads the post and found solace, all is good.

In fact, I am contemplating ways of giving away the excess Hive earned in this account to the supporters of this account periodically. So that they may experienced joy, at least momentarily.

Exactly how, I am not sure, yet. I may start distributing the AMITUOFO tokens and offer a buyback amounting the value in excess to the initial 1000.99 HIVE investment.

Will be heading to Kathmandu in a few days. Maybe I will find more inspiration in the presence of stupas there.

Watch this space for the updates.

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Have a great Sunday and make sure to keep going with the power-up of your account. It is not the right time to compare it in terms of fiat value. The bear market is still ongoing!