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Greetings food lovers, trust you are all having a great day. I've been having some difficult challenges lately with my device and this has hindered my engagement and activeness on the chain, my network service provider has been doing somehow, I don't understand if it's the area I'm staying or the network work provider or the phone I'm using. But I've a new plan of getting a new phone to start my blogging and probably ventured into Vlogging.

Now let go to today's post, today being the last Monday of the month I decided to try something unique and special, I decided to cook spaghetti and spice it up with hot dog. I then added some fried fish to make up this unique combo.

Well without wasting much of your time I'll show the ingredients used and the step by step process.


  • Spaghetti

  • Fish (Titus)

  • Hot Dog (you can get it at any Super Market)

  • Carrots and Green leaf.

  • Groundnut Oil

  • Onions and Tomatoes paste

  • Maggie, Seasoning, Scent leaf and Salt.

Let's cook

Step 1: In a clean pot, parboil the spaghetti and set it aside

Step 2: Place another sauce pan or pot on heat, the pre-heat the Groundnut Oil and fry the fish ver well.

Step 3: Now in a clean bowl, wash the hot dog and slice to your preferred sizes.

Step 4: Slice the carrots and Green leaf, then do the same for the onions

Step 5: In a small clean bowl dilute the tomato paste with water, then get another pot and add the groundnut oil and fry the tomato paste for 3 minutes then add the veggies (carrots, green leaves and the scent leaves).

Step 6: Then add the parboiled spaghetti and cook for 15 minutes, please keep stiring together to avoid burnt. Remove from heat and serve.

You can enjoy with any chilled drink or juice.

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