Original Poem || A Cry For Help


In the closet of my mind, I have been shouting and crying at the top of my voice
hopping the heavens would hear me one day
my vocal cords can no more produce a sorrowless sound In one Accord
in upright standing I have placed my focused up to the hills hopping one day, there will cometh my help
am gradually crashing on my kneels cause this help isn't forth coming
in the company of my misery I question my esistance while others question my faith
because it seems like all my efforts are been categories under wasted...
it's obvious that even if am giving the opportunity to stand before the rulers of heaven and pour out all from the depth of my heart, they won't still hear me
cause I heard it has been written that the prayer "cry" of a sinner is an abomination
but in all even if I don't deserve the BLESSINGS of heaven I think I deserve MERCIES

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