RE: Watch This Video And Be Part Of The Hive-Momentum!?! Everyone On Hive Should See This Video!?!


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I'm trying not to be typeless. The truth is, I would have never been able to pull this off with out you guys from the Swiss hive community and specially also @kiel91. During the event @baqabond, @mpcdude, @beatblocks, @acroamanic, @theycallmedave. This moves me so much. Specially because each of you are so creative and talented. I'd say i'm solely moved by you guys. I also have to mention that @leosoph and @blue.rabbit and their enthusiasm and motivation for hive also exemplifies that fuel and passion that drives community building. If I imagine the few people we are and how powerful each of us is in manifestation, I am so excited about what lies ahead of us. Not just because we own our data and because the hive mind is so interwoven, building a community of the very few that actually understand the importance exchanging value directly, but because we truly care about community.

@sandymeyer ! Look man! You are the reason the Swiss Hive exists and you inspire me so much every day. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I feel blessed to have you around every day and you really don't need to do more than just be yourself, because you are just awesome as you are(Correcting- As you are becoming). I really appreciate you. Thanks for the shout out. Much love Fam!