Warlands: Dark Tides Rising #5


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Zadok, Pelonis, Laina, Baggot, and Iona have found a way up Luzien's Ladder. Balen and Kyra along with their army have spent their time waiting out the snow storm in Xian-Li.


Balen's army is partying it up in Xian-Li. He is not too happy about it. Kyra wants him to enjoy his 'throne' but he is singularly focused on preventing his own death. He decides to order the men ready for battle but can't find his general. The general wandered off looking for a girl.


The heroes are still a step ahead having already found the way to the top of Luzien's Ladder. They still aren't sure what to do until they find his tomb. Laina touches the tomb and says it is warm. While the others are discussing how to get in, she then passes out, then awakens in a dream world of some sort, presumably to meet Luzien.


Back at Xian-Li, Balen's general stumbles into a dark room looking for his wench. Seems Xian-Li is not without defenses after all! A serpent dragon devours the general.


Laina's conversation with Luzien begins. There is some humility on Laina's part then they discuss the darkness. Laina wants to obliterate it but Luzien says that is not possible.


Back at Xian-Li, Balen finds his general wandering in the hall. He orders him to get the troops ready. Turns out the serpent can shapeshift and act like the general.

The conversation with Laina and Luzien also concludes. He explains that they cannot destroy the evil completely or it would destroy the world as well. There must be some kind of balance. The way to combat the evil is to spread good. The evil can remain but it must be resisted at all times.


With this message, Laina wakes up. She explains what happened. The group seems as confused as ever but at the same time there is more hope among them. It is time to return.

A little apprehension to leaping off the tallest spot in the world is to be expected but that is how they came up so that is how they assume they must go down. And down they go. To be met with a horde of people ready to kill them at Balen's command!


Showdown time! Seems the heroes are in a tough spot. It also seems Xian-Li did not do a good job slowing Balen and his men down. That dragon was really cool though. So how are they going to face an entire army with just five people? Not sure, we'll have to find out in the last issue. Wrapping all this up in a single issue feels like it is going to be rushed or unfinished but we'll find out.

Kind of interesting, my copy of this issue is messed up. It felt thick when I started reading. Like it was going to be a double sized issue. It kind of was. About half way through the story started over! Haha. They double printed a bunch of the first pages and stapled it in the middle. Wonder if all copies were like this?

Anyway... look forward to finishing up the last story in Warlands!

To Be Continued!