Warlands: Dark Tides Rising #2


Previously: #1

A large gathering of heroes have mysteriously been summoned to fight a growing darkness. Thus far we have an elf and dwarf named Laina and Baggot. An old priestly warrior, Zadok Shaw and Pelonis, his new young apprentice. And a more iffy potential companion or villain named Balen and his friend Kyra. None seem to know what's going on yet.


This issue starts with new characters. Iona and her grandfather. There is yet another mysterious summoning. Iona is being sent to meet the others for unknown reasons. She is some kind of human, frost giant cross-breed.

Very shortly after leaving, the grandfather is confronted with a magical green ball. He tells the darkness it is too late, Iona is already on her path. But this doesn't help him as the green ball explodes and destroys his home and him.

Iona is also confronted with some snow yeti like creatures. She knows she can't turn back now and takes her frustrations out on the demons, as she calls them.


She makes short work of them and tosses the body of the last over a cliff. Claiming vengeance for her grandfather. And for her world?

Meanwhile Laina and Baggot have been roaming New Ceranza for days. They are searching for those they are to meet but have no clue what they are searching for.


Laina gets attacked by more bandits but easily dispatches them before Baggot even realizes what is happening. Then they head to the docks.

Balen is having a nightmare. It is one of his prophetic dreams. Usually these just tell him of coming conflict that he can take advantage of somehow. This time is different.

This time he is being attacked and his woman Kyra killed. He is obviously freaked out.


On a ship called the Dawn Treader, Zadok Shaw and Pelonis are heading toward New Ceranza. They still have no clue why but when a group of dragons attack, this tells Zadok they are on the right path.

Pelonis is excited to see some action and the two dispatch one of the dragons rather easily. Much to Pelonis' dismay however, the rest flee when they realize it is not going to be an easy win.

Laina and Baggot are looking for their new companions blindly. Zadok walks right past them. 😅


When they see the crew carrying off a dead dragon though, they're convinced the one they seek is on the boat. Luckily for them, Pelonis is a bit more boastful than Zadok. But Zadok jumps back in when he realizes they are also the ones he seeks.


Now that the heroes have met, except Iona, the true quest can begin.

Meanwhile, Balen Sargos has hired an army. He is not happy about this. He likes to play both sides from the sidelines so this is very much out of his comfort zone. As a first move however, they are ransacking a rich city for supplies.


It seems to be turning out that Balen is a villain after all. If his dream is to be believed he is doing it out of necessity though. The group of heroes are going to come for him and he has to defend himself! But hiring a... less than noble army, may just be turning his dream into a self fulfilling prophecy. Or there could be more going on, we just don't know yet!

I like how things are setting up so far. A lot of mystery and unanswered questions but sides are being formed, characters are getting fleshed out a little at a time. My only concern is there is only 4 issues left... feels like we're either heading for a cliffhanger or an extremely crammed and rushed main story.

Iona seems pretty cool, I look forward to seeing more of her. Not too clear if she's going to join the group or act as a solo agent though. Guess there's not a ton to say yet, we'll have to wait and see!

To Be Continued!


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