Thunderbolts Original Art - Issue 56 Page 4


Back with another. This is page 4 from issue 56 of Thunderbolts. I like this one better than the last but not as much as the first.

This is Patrick Zircher again. Al Vey on inks. I always enjoy stories with Graviton. He seems to be kind of a B class super villain that is used to fill story gaps. He is so powerful though! I don't think they ever really give him the spotlight he deserves.


And the end results.


Don't really remember what all is going on here. Been a while since I read all the Thunderbolts. I do remember finally completing my collection years ago and just taking a whole weekend and reading the entire thing from 1 to like... 200 something it was on at the time. That was a lot of reading! The most I've ever done in such a short period of time. Good times.