Dark Minds #4 page 1 Original Art by Pat Lee and Alvin Lee


This is the only non-Thunderbolts art I have in my collection. It is page 1 from issue 4 of the original Dark Minds series. Pat Lee is the artist and Alvin Lee did the inks. This is essentially the series that started Dreamwave Productions. Probably my favorite indie comics.

I've talked about it before but I would love to try to get the rights to the original Dreamwave Productions properties. Dark Minds, Warlands, etc... are really great comics IMO and I would love to try to continue them. It was this desire that led me to find lucky_gifts on eBay. The account is ran by Roger Lee's wife, Roger is Pat's brother and was cofounder of Dreamwave. So they sell old Dreamwave stuff a lot and Pat Lee original art.

This is the first page I bought. I had intended buying more but money was tight for a while and now I'm not sure I want to get more. My collecting space and budget is limited and pretty conflicted what I want to do with it.



If you are not familiar with Dark Minds it is a sci-fi detective thriller. The story is really good and the art is incredible. The backgrounds and scenes especially are so good. Even a calm page like this is really cool to me.

A week or so ago I emailed the lawyers that represent the trademark holders for these books and they forwarded my contact information on. Hoping they contact me so maybe I can finally talk to the current owners and try to get the rights. But it has been a week with no contact now so... the dream is fading. 😂