Daredevil Convention Sketch by Darryl Banks

I showed my Nate Lovett Daredevil a couple days ago. Today I'll show what is probably my favorite convention sketch ever. Also Daredevil but this time by Darryl Banks.

I showed my Kyle Rayner from Darryl Banks quite a while ago. If you don't know who he is, he co-created Kyle and was the artist for Green Lantern through a lot of the 90s. Incredible artist in my opinion. He goes to a lot of the local cons around me so I've managed to get a couple from him. I really would love to get more but haven't been able to attend conventions for a couple years or more.


Check that out! So cool huh? I wish they'd hire Darryl to actually draw the Daredevil book for a while. He'd do a great job IMO. He did this at the convention for me. If this isn't my favorite convention art in my collection it'd be the Kyle mentioned above. Both are just spectacular in my opinion.

Running out of art to share! Going to have to get something new soon. 😅