Ponche crema, a traditional Christmas drink (Eng-Esp)

Hello to all my pastry friends! To start this month of family celebrations, I want to share this traditional Venezuelan drink, the Cream punch.

Hola a todos mis amigos reposteros! Para empezar este mes de fiestas familiares, quiero compartir esta bebida tradicional de Venezuela, el Ponche crema.


The traditional Cream punch has been registered for more than 100 years when it was registered as a trademark and has won prestigious international awards for being a delicious alcoholic beverage. Little by little it became an iconic drink of the Venezuelan Christmas season, where the ponche crema is present at the Christmas table.

El tradicional ponche crema tiene registros desde hace más de 100 años cuando se registró como una marca comercial y ha ganado prestigiosos premios internacionales por ser una bebida alcohólica deliciosa, poco a poco se volvió una bebida icónica de las navidades venezolanas, donde el ponche crema esta presente en la mesa navideña.


To prepare this delicious drink we need 3 ingredients:

🎄250 grams of flan.
🎄450 milliliters of milk
🎄250 milliliters of condensed milk
🎄350 milliliters of your choice of rum

Para preparar esta deliciosa bebida necesitamos 3 ingredientes:

🎄250 gramos de flan
🎄450 mililitros de leche
🎄250 mililitros de leche condensada
🎄350 mililitros de ron de su preferencia


First we must prepare the flan, we need to do it the night before to make it better.

Preparation of the custard:*** ***

Heat the milk and mix it with the flan in the blender, put it aside in a bowl until it cools down.
After 1 hour we put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Primero debemos preparar el flan, necesitamos hacerlo la noche antes para que quede mejor.

Preparación dela flan:

Calentamos la leche y la mezclamos con el flan en la licuadora, lo reservamos en un recipiente hasta que se enfríe.
Al pasar 1 hora lo colocamos en la nevera toda la noche.



Preparation of the custard punch:

Once the flan is ready,
We put it in the blender along with the condensed milk, slowly add the rum. I recommend setting aside 250 milliliters first and taste it, if you think you need more go adding until completing the 350 milliliters, I recommend this since the rum can be more or less strong.

Preparación del ponche crema:

Una vez que tenemos el flan hecho,
Lo ponemos en la licuadora junto con la leche condensada, vamos incorporando lentamente el ron. Recomiendo apartar primero 250 mililitros y probarlo, si cree que necesita más ir agregando hasta completar los 350 mililitros, esto lo recomiendo ya que el ron puede ser más o menos fuerte.


When everything is perfectly blended, our Christmas drink is ready.

Cuando se mezcle todo perfectamente, tendremos lista nuestra bebida navideña.


If it is in a warm place or in summer, you serve it with ice.

But if it is cold you can drink it in the weather.

Si esta en un lugar calido o en verano, lo sirves con hielo.

Pero si hace frío lo puedes tomar al clima.


This drink is ideal to liven up Christmas decorations.

Esta bebida es ideal para animar las decoraciones navideñas.


I hope you like it, I encourage you to prepare it and leave your comments. Greetings!

Espero les guste, se animen a prepararla y dejen sus comentarios. Saludos!

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hey mike.. this is interesting.. it's like your having rum while eating leche plan..Thanks for the great recipe. We'll definitely try this..😇


Yes, it is delicious. It's like the Christmas dessert for adults at home. I recommend it. Thanks to you for visiting my post. Greetings and Merry Christmas!🎄


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The cream punch is truly delicious, it is a must on our table, as well as the ham bread during the Christmas season.
This recipe of yours is very easy to prepare. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for sharing