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The sewing machine: This is used for making or mending clothes or household linens. It can also carry out fancy sewings which are decorative, including patterns such as shirring, smocking, embroidery or quilting

A sewing table for a sewing machine: This is like a writing table on which the sewing machine is placed for use. The height must be right and the space sufficient for activities related to the job of sewing to be easily carried out.

Stitching awl: This is a pointed tool for making small holes

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Bobbin: This is a cylinder or spindle for holding or dispensing thread

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Bodkin: Bodkin is a blunt needle for drawing a tape or ribbon through a loop or hem.

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Dressmaker’s or tailor’s shear: These are larger than the ordinary and are very sharp for a good job of cutting fan precisely.

Tape measure: This does all the work of measuring people, objects, or cloth. It is usually 60 inches in length and half an inch wide

Needles: When threaded, they are used for mending or making clothing or household linens

Brown paper: Patterns, of whatever need, to be made are cut out on brown paper. The pattern is then placed on a piece of cloth to cut out and sew. This process ensures that a guide is provided for whatever style to be made

Seam ripper: This is used to remove stitches that are incorrectly used on clothing

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Thread or yam: These are used when needed. Both work together to mend or make clothing

Tailor’s chalk: This is used when a pattern is made, or used to trace out patterns on a piece of cloth to be sewn

Sewing box: This is used for the storage of all needle craft tools and accessories

Pins: These are used to hold two pieces of clothes together while we sew them. They keep the pieces together without allowing shifting while we sew them together

Iron and Ironing Board: Every stage in clothing requires pressing. The ironing boards supply the platform on which the iron does the pressing.

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