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What is environmental health?

Environmental health is the way of improving the quality of our surroundings. It is to ensure that the environment is not harmful to the health of the people living in it. This concerns what affect the air, land, water, living things and all the human beings.

Importance of environmental health

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Environmental health is important because of the following:

  • It makes the environment business friendly

  • There will be reduction of communicable diseases like malaria, diarrhea and typhoid when the environment is clean and fresh

  • People would feel better and enjoy working and living in clean environment

  • The beauty of the environment makes people happy and comfortable

  • Money would not be wasted on drugs and treatment, as the people would be in good health

Environmental health activities

The activities include the following:

  • Proper refuse disposal

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  • Proper sewage disposal

  • Proper building correct maintenance of houses for good ventilation

  • Availability of good, pure and portable water
    Cutting grasses and cleaning the surroundings to reduce breeding places for mosquitoes and rodents

  • Cleaning and maintaining toilets and draining off stagnant waters

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  • Sweeping the house and it surroundings, putting refuse in the dustbins and taking them for final proper disposal

  • Keeping the kitchen clean, free of flies, other insects and animals like rats and insects