My Mom's 50th Birthday Celebration



Two days ago, on Saturday to be precise was my mom's 50th birthday and I tried to make it a bit beautiful for her. Firstly, we all were grateful to God for life and for preservation all these years and for other good things.


I was happy she was alive to witness her 50th birthday in good health, love and in peace despite how life had been to her she kept going. All her life since she had us (her children) she has sacrificed for us in numerous ways. The lists are too numerous to mention.


How the birthday went
Mom's birthday was fast approaching and she had no plans so I planned on how to make that day a bit sweet and memorable for her.


I actually cleared my account for her. As a baker, I made chin chin and I baked for her while I and my siblings prepared a sumptuous Coconut rice with fried chicken for her. We bought drinks and we took out time to pray and speak into her life.


To cut the whole story short, We appreciated God first, and then proceeded to birthday wishes for her. We sang for her and she cut her cake smiling with Joy in her heart. She blessed us and was happy we tried to make her happy.


Since we didn't have much, we didn't invite anyone. Not even her friends and ours. It was just us and it was fun. I'm happy I could do that cos I have promised myself to take care of her when I make it big.

It still feels as though today is her birthday and I'm wishing her a Happy Birthday Once More. I love her and will keep doing so. Please friends, wish her well for me.


Happy birthday to your mom. That cake is beautiful and I'm glad you got to celebrate this important date with her.

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