Drizzle rain in winter season


Drizzle rain in the winter season makes the atmosphere even more cold. I got up today at 8 am and saw the sky was cloudy. I was so upset to see today's weather because around six days ago Jawad storm made landfall in Odisha which is the adjacent to our state. So the effect of the storm was also seen in my city. The sky was cloudy for four days continuously and sometimes it rained. Just two days ago I saw clear sky in my city. The sun was shining and the visibility was also clear. The weather completely changed since this morning. The sky was full of black clouds which normally causes heavy or light rain.



I love rainfall very much while sleeping at night. It generally happens in rainy season. Warm can be experienced even during rainy season. I feel good when rain occurs at that time because it makes the atmosphere cool which causes sleep well.

Sometimes light rain irritates you because it continues for hours or days. The roads become dirty and people avoid go outside the home. Today’s weather is same in my city. It is raining slowly since 1 pm and continuing till now. I checked the weather report and came to know that the sky will be clear tomorrow onwards.

Sometimes I think How do people live in snowy places? How do they tackle such extreme cold? How do they manage everything in snowy rainfall? I think temperature goes in minus in such places. In my city temperature hardly goes below 10 degree celcius. we start shivering when temperature touches this level. I don’t know what will happen if I visit snowy places. I have severe issues with cold. So it will be adventurous for me to be in snowy places.

I also think about asthmatic who live in snowy places or hilly area. How do they tackle cold weather? I know that extreme cold is very dangerous for asthma patients. It can trigger the symptoms badly. However, I don’t know if any asthma patient lives in such places. However, I have wish of having experience of snowy rain.