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Good day everyone. This is Vol 5 of the vlog series which is centred on improving us, as I will be talking on fantastic topics in the business or finance section or will talking on motivating issues that will inspire you to success. This series will be educative, informative and inspiring, so do well to follow me, as I will be releasing vlogs on a daily.

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Today's topic is the continuation of Vol 3 and Vol 4's, which is "Consistency Is Key To Achieving Success". I have already talked about consistency and its pillars which are Patience & Belief in Vol 3. I spoke about the two primary importance of consistency which are Overcoming Challenges & Developing a habit of being Self-Disciplined. Today I will be talking about why we lack consistency.

The main reason why we lack consistency is that we are more focused on the results rather than the process. For instance, you want a toned or shredded body and expect to notice massive changes in your body after 2 weeks of hitting the gym. You don't notice many changes and you start wondering if it is genuinely worth the stress and give up. Such an individual was more focused on having a toned or shredded body rather than the process of having such a body.

Kindly watch the video above, as I go into detail with the abovementioned points. It will be worth your time. Go on and watch the video.

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