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Good day everyone. This is Vol 7 of the vlog series which is centred on improving us, as I will be talking on fantastic topics in the business or finance section or will talking on motivating issues that will inspire you to success. This series will be educative, informative and inspiring, so do well to follow me, as I will be releasing vlogs on a daily.

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Today's topic is about "Principles For Investing As An Entrepreneur". I will be talking about the 3 main principles for investing as an entrepreneur, which are.

  • Overcoming Greed: "As long as humans remain greedy, scammers will always make money." Scammers work on the greed we have. You need to be able to overcome your level of greed in order to make a more rational decision.
  • Comprehend Uncertainties: It is always wise to think about the risks associated with an investment first, rather than the profits you seek to get from the investment. As the popular adage goes, "A bird in the hand is worth more than hundreds of birds in the forest".
  • Cut Out Your Emotions: Never be too emotionally attached to your investments, as it would cloud your decision-making process negatively.

Kindly watch the video above, as I go into detail with the abovementioned points. It will be worth your time. Go on and watch the video.

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