Meme Curation - November 10, 2021


Below are some links in no particular order to posts from dated 11/10/2021 that have one or more memes and/or relate to memes. The posts use one or more of the MemeHive Tribe Token tags ( #meme, #memes, #memehive, #hive-104024 ) so they can be upvoted by users staking MEME token for rewards.

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By: @dunstuff

Bohemian investment philosophy.



Actifit Fitness Meme #2
By: @mochita

@mochita created another @actifit meme. From what I've read in fan theories Pokeballs are advanced quantum computers that store the creatures as information. It might be like The Matrix for those creatures.


Hivememe: Newbies, don't give up! (Eng/Esp)
By: @marylucy

Words of encouragement to new users starting out on the Hive platform.


Positive News From The Future - Bil Gates in Jail
By: @positivefuture

One definition of a meme is: "an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from one person to another in a culture". This post encourages such activity.


Meme challenge 250# - Entry 25#
By: @gabrielrr17



The Daily Meme #271!
By: @antisocialist

Will you choose the dark side of the Force?


Several posts from the current GmbH Community meme contest listed below:

Mein Meme für die GmbH
By: @klaranlage

Ist die Katze aus dem Haus
By: @geiwoyibeipijiu

Ist die Katze aus dem Sack?
By: @nullnull

Meme-Contest der GmbH-Community!
By: @networkallstar

Mein Beitrag zum Meme-Contest der GmbH-Community
By: @theadamprost


Hello! Thanks for sharing my content, I didn't know about this community, now know I can post my memes there, thanks so much! Hope you can see my other meme illustrations, would be a honor 🤗.